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From Garden to Plate

Here at The Little Bean, we are passionate about FOOD! We know that healthy kids are happy kids, and a well balanced diet is key!

When it comes to kids and food education, we have found that starting as early as possible makes feeding littles move so much smoother. We involve our children in growing our kitchen garden, picking up our weekly produce order from the CSA and dairy from our local creamery, planning meals and choosing recipes. Then of course, they get to help prep, cook, and eat!

Introducing foods in a variety of textures and flavors starts young, and Baby Led Weaning (BLW) was a savior for our youngest. Many of our parents also have found BLW to be a simple and stress-free experience for them and their babies. It helps us prevent picky eaters, and keeps meal time fun and interesting!

Have a picky eater? Not to worry! We have lots of tips and tricks, and play food therapy games to help even the pickiest kiddo to learn how to try new things!

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